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Chili-Lovers' Cookbook

Author: Various

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Chili recipes and recipes with chilies. 230,000 copies in print A Chili lovers fall into two groups. Chili purists say: "If you want to make chili, make chili -- if you want to make beans, make beans." But the chili-with-beans devotees say: "Chili tastes better with beans." To solve the chili dilemma, we've gathered a variety of recipes that should appeal to chili-heads and chili-beaners. This collection was created from a number of sources--chili cookoff prizewinners--U.S. Senators and Representatives who relish the dish--the International Connoisseurs of Green and Red Chile--the Cooperative Extension Service of New Mexico State University--and, especially, chili lovers and chile lovers throught the country.

Chili-Lovers\' Cookbook