Cherokee Trading Post

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Oklahoma Hot Stuff

Ass Kicking Stuff


Hold onto something heavy when you splash this hot sauce on your favorite foods! The flavor is fiery and it'll put the va-voom on your pizzas and tacos or in your chilis, makes a dyno-mite dip with sour cream, or just put it out for breakfast when you've got a real cowboy staying with you.

Ass Kickin Original Hot Sauce (5 oz.)

Spontaneous Conbustion Hot Sauce

Spontanous Combustion Hot Sauce

This sauce lives up to its name. We dare you to try this one on your huevos!
Puts the WOW! into all kinds of foods, 'cause its HOT AS HELL!


Smooth and Hot!

Hot Sauce and Salsa From Hell

Whoa baby - this is one hot salsa! We have customers from all over the world that keep ordering this magnificent blend of habanero peppers and fresh spices. Great for Mexican rice, quesadillas and chips.

Hot Sauce from Hell (5 oz.)


Salsa from Hell (13 oz.)


BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce from Hell (13 oz.)

Hot, hotter, hottest BBQ sauce you'll ever have.


Ass Kickin Corn Bread

Ass Kickin Corn Bread (1 lb.)

Whoa there partner! Here�s a bag o�Corn Bread Mix with KICK - a packet of the World�s HOTTEST pepper the Habanero! You can make our �ASS KICKIN� Cornbread so Ass Kickin� it�ll put hair on your eyeballs, or you can keep it tame enough for Grandma to eat! You choose!


Ass Kickin Chili Fixin�s

Ass Kickin Chili Fixin�s (1 lb.)

You�ve just gone and picked yourself up one smokin� hot bag o� Chili Fixin�s! Our �ASS KICKIN� CHILI FIXIN�S are anything but tame! We�ve rustled up a herd of the finest chile powder, herbs and spices and put them together with a pack of masa flour, a bunch of beans, and of course - the KICKER - a pack of crushed Habanera pepper!


Indian Fry Bread

For many decades, the staple of the Plains Indians� diet was meat, particularly buffalo. Dried meat was sometimes mixed with grease and berries to make pemmican, which could be wrapped and stored almost indefinitely. By the late 1800�s, the buffalo herds had dwindled and the Indians had been moved to reservations. These resourceful people then set out to adapt to a very different way of life. One of the new foods developed during this time was Indian Fry Bread.

$2.98 (8 oz.)

$5.98 (2 lbs)

Cherokee Trading Post
P.O. Box 6
El Reno, Oklahoma 73036
Ph: (405) 884-2502

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